e are an organization created for the development, emancipation and export of Iberian and latino art. We create links between the professional art world and the public in order to support the art market and disseminate the identities of each country in the inter-Atlantic area.

TLAG is a platform specialized in the Caribbean, Latin American and Iberian visual arts because the historical and cultural links between the two continents have been fed back for centuries and they are intrinsically connected.


Qué hacemos ?


LAG is a platform dedicated to all the actors of the Iberian-American art world, so that they adapt to the world of today and tomorrow and find new ways to teach their art.

It is an agency for the development, promotion and dissemination of the arts, with the aim of breaking down geographical borders and disseminating the arts to other publics.

We support the art market with concrete and educational actions, bringing artists, galleries, museums and collectors closer together.
We create links between the public and artistic production.

We want to help the understanding between the people, generate culture and tolerance.

We are the bridge between people interested in Ibero-American art and the artists who contribute to the identity of the latter.


TLAG collaborates with institutions from various countries (galleries, artists, museums ...), takes exhibitions, works and projects to other horizons. Represents, difuses and publicizes projects abroad, in museums, fairs and regional and international events. Thanks to its international network, TLAG facilitates the dissemination of projects by putting geographical boundaries down. We make selling art more accessible when you want to look for new markets.

hich regional or international fair or event to participate in? What is the importance in collaborating with other institutions?
How to take advantage of the new current technological tools. The simple fact of having a website does not mean that people will see it. How to generate traffic and interest? There are methods to transform ideas and tools into opportunities.
Support in setting up projects to present to commercial institutions, fairs, scholarships, residences of artists etc. Know how to direct projects according to categories to have more chances of success.
It is a network of professionals in each domain (legal, tax, digital marketing, companies, artistic organizations). Each one contributing their experience to the community programs. Conferences, guided visits, corporate events are the proposals that we put in place to make art an educational tool. Become part of the network.

or more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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